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In CT, What Duty Does a Landlord Have to Make Repairs if a Tenant Complains?

Connecticut law maintains that landlords have certain duties in regard to tenants. This is especially true when a tenant makes a complaint about the condition of the property. Generally speaking, the law requires tenants to keep the property in safe and habitable condition. Parties will often argue about what constitutes safe and habitable. As a Connecticut landlord, you can be sure that you have to keep the property in such a manner that it complies with the state’s safety codes. Aside from that, the law in Connecticut does not provide specific examples of what constitutes an unsafe or inhabitable property.

One thing to know as a Connecticut landlord is that you do not have a duty to make repairs to a property that was intentionally harmed by the tenant. If that tenant rendered the property inhabitable on purpose, then they have the duty to make all repairs. Keep in mind that this leaves a responsibility on the landlord to fix property that was accidentally damaged. Even if the tenant is the one that caused the damage, you will be responsible to making reasonable repairs, as long as the tenant did not act intentionally. Practically speaking, it can be very difficult for a landlord to prove that a tenant damaged the property intentionally.

Your duty will typically extend to things like air conditioning, plumbing and kitchen appliances. Broken windows and damaged stairs or rails will generally bring about a duty to make repairs. Small cosmetic problems like wall paint or carpet issues will generally not bring about a duty to make repairs. As a Connecticut landlord, you do have some leeway when making these decisions. In extreme cases, the tenant is allowed to seek substitute housing at the expense of the landlord. This is one reason why many landlords simply choose to fix the issue rather than fighting the tenant on it.

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