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Other Services

Our prices for basic will packages are more reasonable than online vendors attempting to sell you legal forms. We do this because we want to ensure that people are getting reasonably priced valid wills that are properly executed according the laws of the State of Connecticut.

Our $297 Will Package Includes the following:

  • A basic testamentary will.  This includes a will that has provisions for the assignment of an executor/executrix and the disposition of all of your property at your death.  Pricing for trusts or specials trusts are additional.
  • Power of Attorney: in the event that you become unable to manage your affairs due to illness, mental incapacity other reasons, a Power of Attorney will permit someone else of your choosing to handle your affairs for you. This is a very important document since without an effective Power of Attorney your family would be required to petition probate court for the authority to manage your affairs should something happen to you. The probate court process is referred to a “Conservatorship” and can be timely and costly.
  • Appointment of a Health Care Agent: This is the document that grants a person of your choosing the ability to discuss medical needs and procedures with your medical providers, on your behalf.
  • Living Will: This written, legal document spells out the types of medical treatments and life-sustaining measures you want and don’t want, such as mechanical breathing (respiration and ventilation), tube feeding or resuscitation.

The Law Office of Yona Gregory is pleased to extend flat free pricing to small claims matters. Small claims decisions cannot be appealed so get it right the first time and hire an experienced attorney to represent you. We draft and serve all of the documents and present your case to the small claims court for a flat fee of $300.00. Our flat fee does not include the small claims court filing fee of $90.00 as well as any fees for Marshal/delivery services that may be required to properly serve the opposing party.

Attorney Gregory is a former Special Assistant State’s Attorney.  She now represents defendants in a various criminal matters such as DUI, breach of peace, and assault. If you have a criminal case, call to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Gregory.  We accept credit cards and payment plans for criminal defense cases.