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A Mouse Infestation Can Prevent CT Landlord From Collecting Rent

Don’t Get Caught in A Mouse Trap: A Mouse Infestation Can Prevent You From Collecting Your Rent

In the case of Hammie v. Reddick, a New Haven CT Judge decided that a landlord was not owed rent because the apartment was infested by rodents and did not have a smoke detector. In this case, the tenant testified that they had repeatedly complained to the landlord about mice and the landlord provided brillo pads to fill holes in the walls and spray to be used as a deterrent. The court did not think the landlord did enough to get the mouse infestation under control and classified the property as “not inhabitable” due to the mouse infestation.

The tenant also testified that there was no smoke detector and similarly the Judge ruled that an apartment is “not habitable” where there is no smoke detector.

This case demonstrates the importance of being responsive to tenant’s complaints and keeping a good record of inspections and repairs. A landlord should regularly inspect the apartments and keep a record of evidence of infestation and repairs made to the smoke detector. This record along with documentation of measures taken to remediate the issue, will be instrumental in preventing a judge from withholding rent.

The bottom line is: if you want your rent money, you’ll need to earn it. Be responsive to requests for repairs and make good faith attempts to keep the property in habitable condition.

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