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CT Landlord Attorney – New Britain CT Landlords Fight Unit Fees

New Britain, Connecticut is attempting to take aim at peeling paint and blighted properties by charging landlords an annual registration fee for each apartment they own. The law applies only to landlords who do not live in the rental property they own. New Britain is clearly trying to penalize “absentee” landlords with this fee; and landlords are fighting back.

Landlords are arguing that the fees violate the law in two ways; (1) it is a constitutional violation because the fess target only a specific class of owners; and (2) the fees violate a state law that requires all local ordinances to have a legitimate governmental purpose.

The challenge to this New Britain law is going to play a key part in other town’s determination as to how to address the problem of blight. While towns do have a legitimate interest in preventing blight, arbitrary fines against out of town landlords does not seem like a proper mechanism to effectuate landlords keeping their properties in good condition.

We always recommend that our Connecticut landlords use good faith efforts to keep their property in good condition and in light of this new proposal, it is more important than ever for “absentee” landlords to ensure their properties are kept up so that they can dispute any validity to this arbitrary law.

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