Divorce and Family Law Attorneys in Connecticut

We offer representation in divorce and family matters in New London County (including Norwich) and Middlesex County. Our associate, Attorney Peter Catania is able to assist with divorce whether they are adversary or those who just need help codifying agreements. Attorney Catania is known across the state for his compassion towards his clients and his tough negotiations in court. Widely admired for his courtroom skills, Pete is also regarded as an effective negotiator who has gained the trust of prosecutors and judges. We also represent parties in post-divorce matters and have extensive experience in the juvenile court system.

Helping Individuals File for Divorce

Mutual differences and lifestyle changes and many other reasons cause divorces. It’s not just enough to agree to separate – divorces require filing the appropriate paperwork with the court system. Furthermore, they require organization and following the appropriate processes. Even if you are on great terms with your spouse, we still highly recommend hiring a representative. A seasoned family lawyer can help protect your interests during the proceedings, making sure everything is fair and helping you through otherwise difficult processes.

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Going through a divorce can be troubling. You are constantly juggling different emotions, paperwork, assets, family, and more. Let the team at the Law Office of Yona Gregory help you with all your divorce-delated issues. We’ll help lighten your burdens and let you focus on what matters. When you hire us, you get a caring team that handles your property distribution, child support, custody, alimony, and other aspects of divorce.

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