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When is CT Landlord Liable for a Dog Bite?

When is a Connecticut (CT) Landlord Liable for a Dog Bite? More often than you think.

A Connecticut landlord can be held liable for a dog bite even if the dog is not the landlord’s and the landlord’s lease forbids dogs. A recent Connecticut Supreme Court case, Giacalone v. Housing Authority of The Town of Wallingford concluded that a common-law negligence action brought against a landlord in a dog bite case should not be stricken simply because the landlord was not the owner or keeper of the dog. The facts here showed that even though the Connecticut landlord did not give the tenant’s permission to keep their dog, the landlord was aware of the dog’s presence on the premises and that the dog was dangerous and aggressive. The landlord ordered in writing in 2005 that the tenants remove the dog, but never followed up on the order. The plaintiff here was bitten by the dog in 2007 and suffered serious physical and emotional injuries.

The landlord in this case forbid the dog in the lease, sent the tenant a letter to have the dog removed and yet still the court found that the Connecticut landlord did not do enough to prevent the dog bite and could be held liable.

Connecticut Landlords who turn a blind eye to dangerous situations from rat or bedbug infestations to the presence of a dangerous dog can be held accountable for injuries caused by these dangerous situations. A Landlord must be extremely proactive when faced with dangerous conditions. If you are a landlord, let us inform you of exactly what steps to take to prevent being held responsible for injuries caused by tenant’s dogs.

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