We are licensed to perform real estate closings anywhere in the State of Connecticut, and we do so at a reasonable statewide flat fee. We have technology in place to streamline closings and make the process as simple as possible for our clients. In many instances, we can prepare the documents so that you do not need to physically attend the closing. Although we keep our prices low, we are focused on customer service. To us, real estate closings are not just about transactions; they are about people. We care about our clients and are dedicated to giving each client the attention they need and are proud to offer statewide flat fee real estate closings. We combine excellent service and competitive prices to provide the best for our community. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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The Importance of Using an Attorney for Your Closing

If you are borrowing from a bank to purchase real estate in Connecticut, your bank will require you to have an attorney for the closing, even if you are only refinancing a current loan. If you are paying cash for a property, you will also need an attorney to help guarantee the title to the property is free and clear. An attorney also reviews and drafts the necessary documents to complete the transaction. Additionally, it’s important to hire your own representation during the real estate transaction as the buyer and seller have conflicting interests. An attorney cannot represent both sides ethically or equally.

Statewide Flat Fee Closing Price

Our statewide flat fee closing price of $750 is limited to the attorney fee and does not include title search, title insurance, recording fees, courier costs, and other charges that may be associated with your loan/purchase. Our statewide flat fee pricing is for residential closings only. We reserve the right to refuse any client. The attorney can only represent one party in the real estate closing. This fee does not cover the representation of both the buyer and the seller.

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