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Statewide Flat Attorney Fee of $650 for residential Evictions*

For over fifteen years, we have been providing our clients with a flat rate eviction fee. Our advocacy for landlords begins with education, the easiest eviction is the one you don’t have to do. We are committed to helping landlords reduce evictions by getting paying and compliant tenants. Even the best-vetted tenants sometimes do not work out and evictions become necessary. The climate in Connecticut towards landlords is not necessarily good. We provide landlords with statewide flat fee eviction services. All too often landlords are punished by courts for technical mistakes when they attempt to handle their own evictions. We have the most modern technology systems to ensure the cases are filed without technical issues and to ensure that we file each part of the process in a timely manner since every day wasted on an eviction is money out of our client’s pockets. When we represent you, you are not required to spend a day in housing court so the whole process is delegated and less stressful.

Our statewide flat fee eviction services help landlords to properly estimate the cost of the process. You will pay the out of pocket costs including but not limited to, the court filing fee, Marshal service fees, the execution fee, and the move out the cost. Our attorney fee is a flat fee that includes our drafting and filing all the pleadings and one housing hearing. If your case is continued to more than one hearing, we only charge a $150 flat fee for each additional court appearance, including trials. Generally, cases are resolved in one hearing. Call our office today to get started and schedule your initial consultation.

How to Evict a Tenant in Connecticut

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We reserve the right to review and refuse any case. Extenuating circumstances in your case could cause an increase in the flat fee. This website does not constitute legal advice, as it only provides general information. The specifics of your case need to be reviewed before legal advice is offered. We do not guarantee a time frame in your eviction matter or an outcome. All fees and costs paid by the client/landlord upfront with the flat fee attorney fee and any un-used fees will be returned to you. There will be no costs charged to you for phone calls or emails. The minimum attorney fee for starting your case is $250.

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